Beer Belly Podcast: Episode # 17: Big Beer Decline and Poop Coffee Beans

In this episode Ted, Lee, and Chris talk about Big Beer declines in sales and Chris tries Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA, Truth Serum, and Pennsylvania Tuxedo. Show notes News and discussion Bud light sales Fall Data Shows American’s are Done Drinking Budweiser Six Point Beer App The Sub Geisha, New Belgium Weed and beer … Read more

Let the Right One In (Halloween Dinner and a Movie)

This vampire movie is no Twilight. There is beautiful cinematography and story in this vampire movie but it is not without its scares and contains an innocent love story of a unique friendship. If you can accept subtitles, please watch the original. The remake, although not bad, can’t match the chilling story and setting of … Read more

The Shining (Halloween Dinner and a Movie)

To celebrate the coming of Halloween, I’m going to post a must see scary movie and dinner accompaniment to get into the spirit of the Holiday, every day until Halloween. Boo. I’m going to start with a classic. The Shining Directed by Stanley Kubrick and based on the book by Stephen King, you might never … Read more