Beer Made for Flying 

Hong Kong Brew Co. has made Betsy, a beer specifically designed for drinking in an airplane environment.

Betsy is an unfiltered wheat made with pilsner and also contains Hong Kong honey, longan fruit and English fuggle hops. 

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According to the CNN article:

“In an airplane environment, you lose anywhere from 15-30% of your sense of taste and smell,” explains Nik Loukas, a travel industry veteran and founder of airline dining website Inflight Feed.

To balance bitterness and sweetness and amp up aroma, brewing beer for the air required a new strategy.

“The place where [the beer] is most different is that the beer has about 10% carbonation. That’s to push the aroma and counteract the numbing of the senses you get inflight. This makes the beer livelier on the tongue,” says Devin Kimble, director of Hong Kong Beer Co.

“Fuggle hops also enhanced the aroma. These hops are very much known for their herbaceous and floral qualities — they really complement the other two ingredients [honey and longan].”

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