Tips on How to Make the Perfect Burrito 

Today is National Burrito Day! What else could be better than those little wrapped tortilla sleeping bags for everything awesome. I could simply put up a recipe for a burrito but we should never limit burritos on burrito day. Here are some tips for making the best burrito you have ever made.

Find the biggest flour tortilla you can find

This is important, do not buy a soft taco tortilla and expect to wrap all of your ingredients. You might need to look long and hard for the proper burrito tortilla, possibly even at a restaurant supply store to make the same size giant you would find at Chipotle but here are some brands to look for:

La Gloria

Trader Joes

Tortilla Amigos



First of all, of course this is only my opinion, but it’s not a burrito unless it has rice, beans, and cheese. Add the ingredients in the order listed here,  you want to add the cheese to the hot ingredients so it melts.


Unless you want to make your own rice, Goya is the way to go, I like their Mexican and Spanish rice.


Again the brand to go with is Goya but if you are feeling adventurous, here are some recipes:

Refried Beans

Black Beans


I like Monterey Jack for a burrito, but really the sky’s the limit here. Go with what you like, a stinky cheese such as blue cheese might be a little weird.


If you like meat on your burrito, don’t just throw it in there. Steak, pork, chicken, chorizo, it doesn’t matter, you need to cook your meat with flavor. Popular go to Mexican spices are onions, garlic, chiles, chile powder, cumin, cilantro, adobo, nutmeg, and the list goes on.

Here is my recipe for pulled pork enchiladas. The pork also goes great in burritos, hint hint.


This is where your creativity comes into play, but here are the extra ingredients I must have on my burrito: sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, and hot sauce.


Do not overstuff your burrito

So you found the perfect flour tortilla and you may be tempted to throw in as much as possible but do not overstuff! You need to properly fill the burrito with the right proportions. Plan your creation before you start piling on the ingredients. Use the rule of thirds for your burrito and place everything in the center, slightly offset, this will help you when it comes time to wrap the burrito.


How to wrap a burrito

This takes some practice but here is a good video courtesy of Thrilllist.


Eat the burrito

The best way to eat a burrito is to wrap it in foil and slowly peel it back as you eat. This way nothing falls out and you won’t have to eat your burrito with a fork.


Now get burritoing! Enjoy!

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