Sous Vide Trader Joe’s BBQ Ribs

These ribs are super simple and all with ingredients from your local Trader Joe’s! If you don’t have a TJ’s near you I am sorry but you can substitute the BBQ sauce with Sweet Baby Rays.

If you don’t have an immersion cooker you can throw the ingredients into a slow cooker smothered with BBQ sauce for 8 hours on low heat.

Pairs With



Baby Back Ribs

Trader Joe’s Bold and Smooth Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce

Kosher Salt




  1. Preheat Sous Vide at 162º
  2. Pull membrane off of the back of ribs, click here to learn this technique
  3. Cut rack of ribs in half
  4. Liberally cover ribs with salt
  5. Cover ribs all over with BBQ sauce
  6. Place into bag and cook in Sous Vide bath for 5 hours
  7. Preheat oven at 450ºF
  8. Take ribs out of bag and cover with BBQ sauce again
  9. Place into oven until a crust forms on ribs, watch carefully not to burn ribs
  10. Take out of oven and let them set for 5 minutes
  11. Cut ribs between bones


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