Fall Libations

The leaves are falling and so are the temperatures. As we retire our Summer clothes, our taste for food and beverages shift. The light and sour beers of the Summer now taste too weak, they are lacking the warmth and ABV of their Fall and Winter cousins. We crave something a little more for our taste buds. I compiled a list of beers and distilled beverages that you should try this Autumn season.

If they are available in your area, I highly recommend you try them out.

Punkin Ale, Dogfish Head

Yes, we are all sick of Pumpkin flavor everything but there are some beers I just can’t bring myself to omit and this beer is one of them. This beer, of course, has the somewhat subtle flavor of pumpkin spices but does not taste like you’re drinking a liquid pumpkin pie. It still tastes like beer, and you can drink more than one. This has been my go-to seasonal beer for years now and for good reason. At 7.0% alcohol, it also will keep you warm for this fall season but won’t leave you on the floor after two or three.

Warlock, Southern Tier

I recently got to try this take on an imperial pumpkin stout and once again Southern Tier does not disappoint. They are one of the few breweries that can make a sweet beer that I can actually drink. This stout has an excellent smooth mouthfeel and finishes with a nice balanced leftover sweetness. I would reserve this beer for a nice after dinner dessert.

Oktoberfest, Revolution Brewing

Now some might say a non-German Oktoberfest beer is sacrilegious and you might be right but Revolution Brewing did something right with this beer. It tastes just like the “real” thing and is reminiscent of Spatan Oktoberfest (which comes in a green bottle, so it’s usually skunked unless you drink it by the keg) with the support of an independent American brewery. I enjoyed this by the can and it is one of the better American Oktoberfest beers I have tried.

Campfire, High West

If you want a nice whiskey to drink around a fire pit on a nice Autumn evening, this is a good choice. A blend of Rye, Bourbon, and Scotch this has just the right amount of smokiness and smoothness. It’s not as smoky as the name calls for but if you don’t like a little smoke in your drink, this may not be for you.

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