uKeg Unboxing and First Impressions (Video)

UKeg Unboxing & First Impressions from Fat Foodaholics on Vimeo.

Ever have the problem of getting a good beer in a growler, only to rush drinking it because you don’t want it to spoil? What if there was a way to keep the beer for a more extended amount of time without worrying about it going flat or stale?

The company Growler werks set out to fix this problem with uKeg. I was able to buy one myself and try it out, and so far it works as intended. I went out to fill it with my first beer and not without a couple of mistakes along the way; it’s what I always wanted in a growler.

Inside the Box

It comes in a carrying bag with drawstring, two CO2 cartridges, surgeon generals warning sticker (some states require it by law), user manual, and the uKeg itself.

The growler comes fully assembled to use right away. All I had to do was rinse the unit out and bring it to my local beer store. My growler came adequately put together, and I had no issues with the build quality. I read some reviews on Amazon that told a different story, but everything was in working order with mine.

The user guide was straightforward to follow, in full color, step by step. You also get a spec page of the growler and how to take it apart and assemble. This product seems like it would be easy to swap parts if something was to happen to one of them. The tap itself feels a little cheap for the price of it, but it works as intended. It also has a tap lock, so there is no mistake in pushing the tap while in transit. The site tube on the front of the device is clear and well labeled to show how much beer you have left in the growler.

One cartridge allows one growler fill, which means you need a new cartridge each time you fill it up. Although it possibly being an issue for some, the CO2 cartridges are standard and can be bought relatively cheap on Amazon.

Filling it up

The first time I filled the growler, I encountered my first issue. Immediately when bringing the growler home, I went to pour my first beer and low and behold, out came a glass full of foam. In the instruction booklet, it mentions if this happens, to let the beer sit at the proper pressure for about 10 to 15 minutes and pour again. I took this a step further and let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours, and still, out came the foam. It wasn’t as bad this time, but it was still too much to be acceptable (about 3.5 inches of foam). A little frustrated I let the growler sit overnight at the recommended pressure. This did the trick, no more foam.

Now a lot of factors are at play that could create a foamy beer from a pressurized growler. First of all, the beer could have been foamy in the first place. When they filled it up at the beer store, it seemed to be foamy and pouring over the uKeg. So obviously if the beer was over-pressurized in the first place, adding CO2 to the mix could have exasperated the issue.

To see if the beer stays fresh for two weeks as advertised, I will report back on my findings next week after trying my final pint. In the meantime happy drinking, cheers.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to add your comments below.

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